Rethinking Food and Agriculture

New Ways Forward


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Key Features

Explores some of the key drivers and root causes of unsustainability, degradation of the agricultural environment and destruction of nature

Highlights the many ways that different stakeholders have been forging ‘new ways forward’ towards alternative paradigms of agriculture, human nutrition and political economy, which are more sustainable and just

Proposes ways to move beyond the current unsustainable exploitation of natural resources towards agroecological sustainability and overall sustainability of the food and agriculture system based on ‘inclusive responsibility’



Johan Rockström

“Few people can talk of a globally broken food system, of the urgent need for a global food transformation, of the fact that food alone can destabilise the planet, without getting trapped in a dystopian future. Even if efforts are made to list solutions. Why? Because it is a rare gift to stand solidly rooted in both the evidence of catastrophic risks and the empirical evidence of scalable solutions for health, resilience and equity. Amir and Laila Kassam manage to be stewards of both, a result of their own wealth of knowledge and experience, and the incredible group of assembled co-authors. A book to guide our future on Earth.”

Professor Johan Rockström
Professor of Earth System Science at University of Potsdam, and Director Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research

Professor Joy Carter

“All life on this planet is in danger. One important part of the solution is thinking urgently about how we produce and consume food. This new book is a hugely welcome, timely and eye-opening contribution to help shape the thinking and actions needed to really make a difference. Education plays such an important role in bringing about real change; this wonderful new book will be a hugely rich resource.”

Professor Joy Carter CBE DL Cgeol FGS
Vice-Chancellor, University of Winchester, UK

Dawn Moncrief

“An absolute powerhouse! Cogent and compelling, Rethinking Food and Agriculture is transcendent in synthesizing broad and seemingly discrete aspects of the global food system to create a foundation for positive, structural change. Insights and nuances abound in this paradigm-shifting collection that uniquely and urgently insists on the inescapable interconnectedness of human, nonhuman, and planetary wellbeing, and then culminates with the much-needed concept of “inclusive responsibility.” I found myself energized (even a bit awestruck) by the depth and breadth of Amir and Laila Kassam’s research and the top notch experts they assembled. This book is a true treasure and a new addition to my favorites list.”

Dawn Moncrief
Founder and President of A Well-Fed World

Neal D. Barnard

“Many people are now rethinking where their food comes from. From the standpoint of human health, the welfare of animals, or environmental health, current systems could not be worse, and this book is the very welcome light at the end of the tunnel. Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward takes an optimistic and practical approach to fixing a system gone awry. I heartily recommend it.”

Neal D. Barnard, MD, FACC
President, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Washington, DC

Andrew Knight

“Our planet is in peril, along with the collective future of ourselves and many other species. Modern agriculture, especially animal agriculture – with its vast use of land, water, fossil fuels, pesticides, herbicides, and greenhouse gas production – bears much of the blame. If we are to have any hope of a future in a clean, green world, enriched by other many living species, we really have to change. Comprehensively researched, and clearly written, Rethinking Food and Agriculture describes both the causes of our current planetary predicament, and provides a clear pathway out of it – should we choose to take it. This highly recommended book should be required reading for all interested in a viable future for our planet.”

Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, & Founding Director, Centre for Animal Welfare, University of Winchester, UK
Adjunct Professor, School of Environment and Science, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia

Trent Grassian

“Rethinking Food and Agriculture is an excellent and timely book. It helps us to understand the central role of the current food and agriculture system in contributing to the many connected crises we are facing and the potential it holds for being part of the solution. The wide ranging chapters and interdisciplinary nature of the book help us gain a richer and more holistic understanding of the underlying forces and worldview driving the food and agriculture system down an increasingly industrial and destructive path. At the same time the emphasis on highlighting ways forward that are already being implemented and hold such potential for transformation gives a great deal of hope. The framework of ‘inclusive responsibility’ proposed in the final chapter is exactly the paradigm and mindset shift we need to guide us in transforming the food and agriculture system in to one which is truly sustainable and just, and can enable humans, animals and the planet to thrive. A must read for anyone interested in creating a fairer and more sustainable world for all!”

Dr Trent Grassian, MPA, PhD
University of Kent

James O’Donovan

“…a wonderful contribution to the science and philosophy supporting the urgent need to transition to a non-violent vegan food system and restore a right relationship with ourselves, other species and nature.”

James O’Donovan
Vegan Sustainability Magazine

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