Book Chapters

Introduction By Laila Kassam And Amir Kassam →

Chapter 1: Setting Innovation Free In Agriculture By Rupert Sheldrake →

Chapter 2: Agriculture Planted The Seeds Of Alienation From Nature By Jim Mason And Laila Kassam →

Chapter 3: Political-Economy Of The Global Food And Agriculture System By Philip McMichael →

Chapter 4: Neo-Colonialism And The New Alliance For Food Security And Nutrition: A Gendered Analysis Of The Development Consequences For Africa By Mark Langan And Sophia Price →

Chapter 5: The Myth Of A Food Crisis By Jonathan Latham →

Chapter 6: Animal Ethics As Critique Of Animal Agriculture, Environmentalism, Foodieism, Locavorism, And Clean Meat By Robert C. Jones →

Chapter 7: A Food System Fit For The Future By Tony Juniper →

Chapter 8: Why Change The Way We Grow, Process And Consume Our Food? By Hans R. Herren →

Chapter 9: Two Paradigms Of Science – And Two Models Of Science-Based Agriculture By Colin Tudge →

Chapter 10: Paradigms Of Agriculture By Amir Kassam And Laila Kassam →

Chapter 11: Soil Health And The Revolutionary Potential Of Conservation Agriculture By David R. Montgomery →

Chapter 12: Climate Change Adaptability And Mitigation In Conservation Agriculture By Emilio Gonzalez →

Chapter 13: Will Gene-Edited And Other GM Crops Fail Sustainable Food Systems? By Allison Wilson →

Chapter 14: Sustaining Agricultural Biodiversity And Heterogeneous Seeds By Patrick Mulvany →

Chapter 15: Healthy Diets As A Guide To Responsible Food Systems By Shireen Kassam, David Jenkins, Doug Bristor And Zahra Kassam →

Chapter 16: Knowledge Systems For Inclusively Responsible Food And Agriculture By Robert Chambers →

Chapter 17: Social Movements In The Transformation Of Food And Agriculture Systems By Nassim Nobari →

Chapter 18: Alternatives To The Global Food Regime: Steps Towards System Transformation By Helena Norberg-Hodge →

Chapter 19: Co-Creating Responsible Food And Agriculture Systems By Vandana Shiva →

Chapter 20: Towards Inclusive Responsibility By Laila Kassam And Amir Kassam →